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Business Grade Hosting Plans


Everything you Need to Succeed On-line

Digital Sign has been helping business owners succeed on-line for over 12 years. We know that it takes much more than ample amounts of disk space and bandwidth to generate leads and sales through the Internet. That’s why we offer a complete set of services that cover all three critical components of any successful web presence:


A Professional Website

Anyone can build a website. The trick is building a website that successfully communicates your business’ professional reputation – and one that effectively converts visitors into leads or sales. With Digital Sign, you have a choice: build your own website through one of our affiliates CreateIt On-Line site builder, or let our professional designers create one for you.

The best way to guarantee a professional image is to have a professional design your website. Our experts have that rare combination of technical, artistic and creative skills needed to produce an attractive and functional website that can effectively drive visitors to take action. Most importantly, our web design services can save you, your most critical resource: time.



At Digital Sign, we understand that leads and sales are the name of the game. In order to convert visitors into customers, you need user-friendly applications that make it easy for visitors to purchase items from your website, or request more information.

Building and managing an effective on-line store is easy with our affiliates powerful eCommerce application: Webstore. Webstore makes it easy to build a catalog of your products, allow customers to purchase multiple products in a single order, and will track orders and process credit card payments automatically – all through easy to understand wizards – no programming knowledge required!

If you’re short on time, or simply don’t want to be bothered, our experts can build, configure, and manage your on-line storefront for you.



Once you’ve got a professional website and an effective way for visitors to purchase your products or services – you’re only missing one ingredient - the most important element of any successful website: traffic. Driving qualified visitors to your website can be both a science and an art – and as with any form of advertising, there’s an element of risk. Fortunately, Digital Sign has the tools and experience to help you grow your business cost effectively.

Out experts manage on-line marketing campaigns for a wide variety of industries. They know what it takes to attract the right visitors to your website – the visitors who are most likely to purchase your product or service. From keyword selection to composing effective advertisements to optimizing and monitoring your campaign, our experts will handle every aspect of your campaign and will ensure that every dollar you invest in advertising is maximized.

At The Digital Sign Company we have several different hosting programs that will meet your on-line needs.  Please contact us to discuss which of these programs is best for your company's needs.


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