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Tom Challan's Background.

Tom Challan is a home business trainer affiliated with Dani Johnson. He is one of the most successful recruiters of all time, personally recruiting more than 500 distributors in one year into his primary business while working only 20 hours per week. He owns and operates a lead and contact management company called Earn Pro Leads, as well as offering free weekly trainings called OJT (On the Job Training) in which you can listen to him dial prospects live. He is currently not affiliated with any home business company, and spends his time developing his company to aid those involved in the Network Marketing industry.

What does he teach?

Tom Challan has 3 main focuses in his training, they are prospecting, closing, and outsourcing. In the past, he did a prospecting and closing class for Dani Johnson that cost $297 per class and ran over a period of 4 weeks. The classes involved role playing prospecting and closing with Tom Challan and receiving personal correction and mentorship. Dani Johnson is now personally offering the classes again, and Tom is more focused on building his lead company and doing his weekly OJT calls.

Tom prospects in a way that makes people feel like he is their friend, drawing out their innermost dreams and goals through sincere, heart-felt questions BEFORE he presents the business. He focuses on adapting the style of conversation to the personality type of the prospect, and building a strong rapport.

Tom Challan's actual approach to building a business is completely unique in the world of Network Marketing. He promotes Dani Johnson as the sole source of training for his team, and just focuses on prospecting, presenting, and closing.

Rather than explaining to his new prospects what they should do to be successful, he just says, 'do what I do' and has them listen in to him personally prospecting over the phone. This unique approach allowed Tom to consistently recruit 30-50 people a month, every month and grow an organization from complete scratch to over 20,000 distributors in less than one year, part time. This achievement is truly remarkable.

So literally, ALL he does is recruit, and leads others to recruit by example.

Is Tom Challan the real deal?

I can tell you, I've personally met this MLM guru at several events I attended in 2008. Not only is Tom a remarkable, caring, charismatic leader, EVERY person I have ever met who has studied Tom Challan's unique approach and applied it for more than six months has created massive success in their Home Business while still maintaining time freedom. The largest benefit of Tom Challan's approach is that it narrows your business to a single focus, and frees you from the headache that most MLM leaders experience that sap their energy and time freedom. (endless 3 way calls, meetings, phone calls, training calls, excessive traveling, etc)

After several years of creating one of the most successful Home Businesses of all time, Tom Challan still has testimonials that pop up on almost a daily basis that show the power of using a personalized recruiting focus. Tom is one of the few true leaders in the Home Business world. The greatest benefit to using Tom's strategies is that you can still achieve your financial dreams while you maintain complete time freedom!





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